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This should explain everything.

At least, in theory.

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25 January
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"This wine seems to get better the more of it you drink."
—My father, looking quizzically at the bottle

I am abstract. This is very confusing most of the time.

There is a feed of my bookmarks at delicious_paper (feed made by rinku).

I've got another journal for if you're into that kind of thing. (I don't seem to post there much currently.)

See my site or LJ Memory category for more, more information.

I was a frequent writer until the summer of 2005. At that point I decided to go on a hiatus and somehow never had the same relationship to my journal again. Seems like once the volume went down, I suddenly second-guessed everything I wanted to write -- is this too trite? too plaintive? Anyway, between then and now, a lot of people have abandoned long-form and moved to twitter and facebook statuses. Those are good too, but not the same.

I am in the midst of resetting my journal. In August 2009 I set all the entries private and started going through and tagging them, reclassifying the security level, and otherwise cleaning them up. I have finished the beginning and the end, and I am down to about half the entries in the period of 2003-2005 remaining.

(One of the things I am cleaning up: I used to use a friends group when I posted "friends only" but this was inconvenient in several ways. I am now sticking to the default security options of public, friends, and private.)

If you read LiveJournal anonymously, you can join for free and get a username to log in with, even if you don't intend to keep a journal. You can also use OpenID.

ObligatoryAntiDrama: Feel free to friend or defriend my journal, based on your interests and time availability.

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