Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

NationStates, time tracking, attention span

I've gotten kind of hooked on the game NationStates. I've created about six different countries across the range from "Left-Wing Utopia" to "Capitalizt Paradise" and I watch them every day to see how they develop as I answer issues. In one of them nudity is legal and "citizens can frequently be seen going about their business stark naked." In another, the tax rate is a flat 5%. Woo. The country that started out most promising was Liquid Sugar, but the game seems to have a bug [EDIT: with this country only.] After the first issue that you always get when a country is created, there haven't been any more (there are supposed to be 1-2 a day.) I tried messing with the settings but no luck. I'm too lazy to complain to the game maintainers. Sigh.

So far the time tracking project is a success. It turns out all of my time is disappearing into being suckered into watching my nephew like twice or three times a day. Remind me not to have kids. They take ALL your time. I mean, like, no prisoners. Sure they're cute but they have no sense of proportion.

Oh, I figured out why time seems to go faster as you get older. It's because your attention span gets longer. (Duh.) Well, at least the phenomenon has been demystified.

I have that invincible euphoria on that comes from half a daiquiri and a glass of wine with dinner. Soon I will slip into a nice warm coma.
Tags: cognition, family, games, politics, productivity, psychology

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