Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Week of awareness; Grandma's organ

Tomorrow is the 1-month anniversary of my starting to work at home. I'm a bit shocked at how the time has flown by.

So I have decided to make the coming week a week of awareness. I'm going to log everything I do, and keep a sane regular schedule. Also, I am going to try strictly imposing 2 or 3 hour work limits on myself, so that I come up for air and take stock of things without getting caught up in my code and totally neglecting the big picture.

I think doing this and giving it a serious try is crucial for making the home-office thing work out. As it is, my work time and free time have been oozing together and the result is that I never feel free and so I go into passive agressive mode and waste time because I feel overstressed. Plus, we close on the Florida house next weekend, and the first of us to move in is starting the drive down on Friday. This is shocking too, in light of how not packed or really ready any of us seem to be at this point.

However, we did demolish and remove my departed grandmother's huge, heavy organ, which we tried to donate but which no one would take because it had water damage and didn't work very well. It was full of interesting looking circuitry, and it had a cylindrical subwoofer which spun! - this was a "tremolo unit." Whee. We reduced it to a pile of splintered and sawed wood, wires, and plastic, and then we loaded the pieces into the truck to go to the dump. It was kind of sad that that was the most sensible thing we were able to do with it.
Tags: family, productivity, work

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