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This week's theme is getting the mundane dreck settled in order to return to the fun things in life, contemplating the contents of books and performing idle speculation on the inner workings of the universe.

Thursday night did some major moving out of my Newport apartment, and am hoping to finish the job on tomorrow (Monday), which (as it happens) will be the last acceptable day to do so. I am disgruntled at how much JUNK I have accumulated. My father helped me during the other night's moving effort and while we worked, he admitted he hadn't believed me when I'd said I had a lot of stuff. At the time that I arrived here from Pittsburgh four years ago, I had barely more than a laundry basket full of possessions. So everyone here got this impression that I was intrinsically a minimalist. I wish I were. Actually, I'd still like to be. The problem was, I got rid of useless stuff when I moved out of Pittsburgh, but I didn't enable any kind of guard mechanism against acquiring MORE. Books, dishes, small kitchen appliances, a toolchest, a bike, more books, a blackboard, furniture, clothes (good god, a lot of clothes), art supplies, framed wall decorations, candles, bathroom crap. Where did I go wrong? The funny thing is that when people visited my apartment, they always told me they thought it looked sparse, even when it was harboring so much crap! Well, I am going to have one room in Sarasota and in it, only one free wall which will be taken up by my futon. So I better start getting rid of stuff.

Actually, I think one of my character flaws, perfectionism, explains a lot of the accumulation. A perfectionist doesn't like to make do; they need exactly the right tool. When I had my sewing phase I had to get every last gadget, and an iron plus ironing board too. Then when I was a raw vegan I had to buy a dozen books on the subject which I now have no idea who to give to. The problem with perfectionism is that it represents a serious waste of time and resources. It is a preoccupation with proper form and can be effectively paralyzing when it comes to actually getting stuff done. And to be a perfectionist means you will basically never be satisfied. I guess on the plus side, it makes you conscientious.

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