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Filters - a metaphor

"So it is with my practice. I am both one of the keys, and in unity with the ring of keys. When you see the ring, when you are in ring-mind, you do not see the keys themselves. When you see the keys, when you are in key-mind, you see each key as a separate individual, with its own distinct identity.

"To say there is only a ring is to speak dung. But to say that there are only keys is to close your mind to the existance of the whole.

"The task is to hold ring-mind and key-mind together so that you see both the ring and the keys, and that the existance of one does not preclude the existance of the other. You can only do this if you learn to believe that there are no things, no keys, no ring, and that you see only what you choose to see in the cloud of matter-stuff that makes up the space between my fingers.

"When you understand that your perceptions are choices and not realities, then you understand that you can see both at once, because unlike matter, thoughts can lay atop each other and occupy the same space. Your thoughts are not the matter, just as the matter is not your thoughts. This confusion is what stands between your view of the world and mine."
Tags: philosophy, principle, zen

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