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Norwalk virus; putting in notice

Friday night, as I was driving home, I got violently sick and had to pull over and avail myself of a CompUSA bag. After I got home I continued vomiting. My dad made a fire for me ("have to use up this firewood," he said), and it was nice to doze in front of it between trips to the bathroom. Apparently, I caught the Norwalk virus in Florida. The acute distress abated around 4 A.M., and today I just felt crappy and unable to stand up for long. I hope I don't give it to anyone else. No one seemed too worried about my being around them, and my nephew crawled all over me today. Ugh.

Things seemed to go OK at work with my putting in my notice last Monday. I also put in notice at my apartment to move out by March 10. I had ambitious plans for this weekend to work on the room I'm going to move into and deal with some things I'd been procrastinating, like selling some stuff on ebay, but I am utterly unable to deal with it right now. About all I feel able to manage is reading and eating Pepto Bismol tablets.
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