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Interesting thread about art - meta-review of Kill Bill

Really, all film, all art is like this, communicates on these levels, we usually just don't notice because it's fashionable to make art that hides its inspirations. We like to be tricked. This is possibly what some people mean when they tell me that these movies are "too obvious". Well of course they are, because that's part it. Sometimes "obvious" and "subtle" are the same thing. (Here again enters Taste and Asthetic. They are always ruining everyone's party.)

Quote from a comment:
Right. Like I said (And I think it was said by Shakespeare?) there are basicly 7 plots. And everything else is just a retelling of these seven plots. Look at your thriller "eek, murderer" movies. They all are roughly the same. But can you say Se7en is like any other movie you've ever seen?

It's like chicken. Everything tastes like chicken. But the s-t, the interesting goodies, the plot twists, this is the flavoring, the spices, the side dishes, everything else tossed in there to make the chicken taste better. Because with chicken, it all tastes the same unless you do something different to it, and plain chicken is real tiring if you just eat it all the time, it needs something else.
Another comment quotes Quentin Tarantino from a Newsweek Interview:
"Oh, yeah, yeah. But it’s recycled with a twist. It’s me doing it, you know? With my point of view on it—which has never been done because mine is unique, all right? Not good or better. Just unique."

So according to this theory, if Kill Bill doesn't work for you, then it's probably because you (a) haven't come to know and love very many of the movies that it has been molded so closely after, and/or (b) prefer your art to be a little more furtive and devious about what it rips off.
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