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PowerBook; chipped tooth; Sarasota

15" PowerBook G4 arrived yesterday (ordered it 10 days ago.) Yay! Set it up last night. It's been years since I've owned a mac, and with OS X it's almost like a whole new platform. I thought I was just buying it to complement my windows and linux boxes and have a third test platform. Actually, I have fallen in love.

One of my lower front teeth is chipped. It is one of the teeth that sticks out (my bottom front teeth are crooked due to my refusing to wear a retainer after my braces were removed.) The chip is barely noticeable - you have to get close and look carefully. But it is a sharp little edge, and after three days it has worn a tender patch on the inside of my mouth. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon to get it looked at, which is reassuring to look forward to. Hint: If you ever chip an outward-facing tooth, avoid hot wings and salad with lots of acidic dressing.

My dad is flying to Sarasota next week to meet with a house inspector and I managed to get time off from work to go along with him. We'll be gone tuesday through thursday.

I'm excited.
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