Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

3.5 week nutritarian!

24 days today. My body is freaking out. I have had back-to-back migraines, sore throat and fatigue, exacerbated eczema, an HSV outbreak. I am slogging through.

Today's food diary: For breakfast a smoothie with 1 banana, 3/4 of one of those 5-oz plastic tubs of arugula, 1/2 a pint of blueberries, a heaping tablespoon of spirulina, 4 oz of pomegranate juice, and 1-2 tbsp of flax seed meal. Plus a little water. This produced about 24 oz of smoothie. I also made a big salad from 1 large head of red lettuce, the rest of the arugula, 4 sliced radishes, a beet, and a zucchini in small dice. Dressing: 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes blended with 1/2 an avocado and a splash of apple cider vinegar. This is divided into two 48-oz salad containers and these will be lunch and dinner. With lunch I've got a plum and an ounce of pistachios. With dinner I've got about a cup of chickpeas. Cronometer says this all adds up to 1153 calories (and in case anyone is wondering, it has 46 grams of protein, which according to the WHO and WebMD is adequate; in fact this gives 16% protein by calories, and of course human mother's milk is 5.5% protein). If I am hungry by nighttime I might have a 16 oz container of split pea soup which I have in my fridge, for another 250 calories or so. This menu is not quite representative as I usually have at least one cruciferous vegetable a day.

I have stopped trying to gorge myself in an effort to eat enough. I stop when I'm full even if I would have used to think it isn't enough calories. I'm feeling hungry a lot less and a lot less often. For example after the above breakfast smoothie at around 8 am I didn't feel hungry again until noon. When I started I would have had massive stomach cramps after only 2 hours.

I'm down to 127 pounds and I calculate that my "ideal" weight is around 120 (this would be BMI 20 and body fat percent around 22). But they also say that the only way to find out your "ideal" weight is to follow ETL and find out. It's impressive how fast I'm converging on that considering I started at 140. I calculate I'm losing 3.7 lbs a week.

Saw a new "vegetarian friendly" primary care doc yesterday and he endorsed my plan of following this diet for 6 months to see if it is enough to lower my blood pressure. If I come back for my 6 month checkup in February and my BP is still high, then I will do a 1 week fast which he will supervise. If that still doesn't do it, then he and I will discuss meds. I'm glad to be getting blood work done (now and in 6 months) to help document the experiment.

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