Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

2 week nutritarian update

In the name of science, thought I would post an update. Today I have been at it for 14 days.

I'm hungry a lot less often now. Over the weekend I had very sore muscles all over my body, apropos of no actual exercise that I was aware of. That subsided after a couple of days. I also had a nasty migraine headache on Saturday, and another migraine aura this morning (which seems not to have developed into a headache). My cold is completely gone now, has been since about Sunday, which would be about the fastest I have ever recovered from a cold. 7 to 10 days is normal, but for me in the past it has usually been a couple of weeks.

So the hunger and the aches are a bit better, but now I am getting into some new obstacles. One is that I am starting to feel a motivation slump, a bit of burnout on the diet. I have been asking myself "what's the point of all this hassle?" Part of me just wants a big bowl of rice. Is what I'm doing really so much better than a simple starch-based diet, followed by at least 2/3 of the Earth's population?

The other obstacle is that my appetite does not seem equal to the amount of calories I think I need. At lunch maybe I just don't feel like eating the entire 500 calorie container of chili (it's a big container, 32 oz). So I don't, and I go about my day, and I get some transient hunger pangs that are easy to ignore, and I don't get another chance to eat until 6 or 7, and at that point I really have to force myself to eat the large raw salad I made myself for another measly 400 calories. I was lucky if I got to 1200 calories total yesterday. I know for a fact that is below my BMR. Part of me is worried that if I don't have an appetite, something is seriously wrong.

Over the weekend I broke out my juicer and made a version of the "Famous Anti-Cancer Soup" which has a carrot juice base, and also features blended cashews. It is very flavorful and dense. However, from this I learned that my pressure cooker doesn't work right when the liquid is creamy (I cooked this soup in 3 stages in the pressure cooker, and before the 3rd stage I added the pureed cashews and that caused the cooker to go into a funky state where it did not come to pressure before it started counting down, very odd). I've been buying so much produce through Amazon Fresh that I reached "Big Radish" status.

Still no sign of any change in my blood pressure per se.

Update (8/7): Another migraine aura this morning, along with strong hunger pangs 3 hours after breakfast green smoothie.

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