Ratha (papertygre) wrote,


Someone explain to me why it'd be a bad idea to buy this duplex page-feed scanner which makes searchable PDFs, and this stack paper cutter which can cut off book bindings, and to scan all my books, magazines, receipts, and paper files.

I have about 500 books, none of which I can search, and all of which are large and heavy. This book-scanning service is kind of cool, but not economical, at ~$33 per 300-page book, or more like $36 with shipping. At that price, and with the above DIY equipment at $1039.98, the break-even point is about 30 books. If I factor in my time at $50/hr, and assume each book takes 15 minutes to strip, scan, and proof, the break-even point is more like 45 books. If I could do an average of 5 books a day, it would take about 3 months to scan them all. Hmm, maybe I could hire someone? At $5/book, labor for the entire project would cost $2500, which is probably the value of the whole library and therefore hard to justify, so I'd either do it myself or get rid of some of the books instead of scanning them. And honestly, part of the appeal is having a sheet-fed duplex scanner, so I don't have to have piles of paper around my desk. Ever. Again.

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