Ratha (papertygre) wrote,


From a post by rinku:

all people, whenever we do anything new, are uncomfortable: anything you have never done before will be uncomfortable to do, you'll be nervous. common sense, right? no: it's actually pretty revelatory: all the things that someone is 'nervous' about, such as (this was his example) getting a new job, or speaking in public, etc., are necessarily uncomfortable because they aren't yet habit. when they become habit, they become comfortable, but there is no such thing as being habituated to new experiences, by definition. so the people who do the most new things, the most courageous people, in other words, are *also* the most uncomfortable, because the more new things one tries the more nervous one constantly is. but this is not an argument against doing new things, but rather an argument for them: being nervous isn't a bad thing, but it feels more alive than doing something you've done so much that you could fall asleep doing it.
Tags: principle, psychology
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