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Yurt and hiking in SB

This weekend I mainly started my yurt cover and went on a hike. Didn't do anything special for Halloween -- potential plans fizzled at the last minute, so I went home and hit the sewing machine, which turned out to be a satisfying substitute.

My finger is doing better. All the scabs are off, but it's a bit of a funny shape now, and the fingernail is still too short. Although the wound appears to be healed, I think the nerves are screwed up, because when something touches it (like if I try to type with it), there is a diffuse tingly feeling like pins and needles. I'll be seeing the doctor again a week from Monday, definitely will ask him about this.


For the yurt cover I am making 9 panels of 4' x 6' each: one side white canvas and the other side Reflectix. (The canvas should be more aesthetically pleasing for an interior wall than silver, and should protect the Reflectix from having its aluminum coating scratched off by the lattice bolts.) It will be held together with velcro.

One frustrating thing, after I cut the 18 yards of canvas into 9 pieces and put them through the wash to pre-shrink them, they shrank almost 10% in length! So even though I had factored in some buffer, they were still several inches short. So I ordered some cotton twill with a neat "snow camo" pattern from The Rain Shed, and I am sewing 8" of this onto each canvas panel to make up the missing length. Result: there will be a stripe of a few inches of camo around the bottom inside of the yurt.

I have never worked with such large and thick materials on a sewing machine before. So far so good, this weekend I prepared 7 of the 9 panels with the camo strip, and I created a sample of the velcro attachment with small pieces of canvas and Reflectix, so the theory seems sound.


Hike was San Ysidro trail in Montecito. I went by myself around 3:30 today. Sad to say it was the first hike I've tried since moving here a year ago. I managed 1.5 miles of the 2 mile goal before turning back because it was getting dark and I am out of shape. The air had a strong sweet smell, like cedar or pollen. I wondered if it was just mulchy ground, because the soil appeared to be black. Many interesting plants (including cactus!) and overhanging rock formations. Overall worthwhile, and I am pleased to learn there are numerous hikes available within a 20 minute drive, but I wish I had other people to go with.
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