Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

A quote about leadership

John Kinde, Humor Specialist:
An amazing thing I’ve learned after presenting improv workshops for more than ten years is this: There is no such thing as a weak improv player. There are only skilled improv planers who are not skilled enough to make the weaker players look good. When a worker has substandard performance, the question is: Are YOU good enough to lead, motivate, and work with them. You are responsible. Make them look good. Bring out their best. This isn’t a gimmick. This is a reality of life. The responsibility and power lies with you. Lead by example. What would the world be like if everyone was present for you, if everyone listened to you, if everyone treated you like a genius, if everyone agreed with you, if everyone trusted you. What would it be like if each of your employees experienced that kind of world. It’s your job to be the "someone" who creates that experience for them. Every choice you make affects other people.
(emphasis mine)
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