Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Going to California

I sent my "farewell" email at work today, which for some reason makes it seem official. I took a new job (still with Microsoft) at AdECN, as a program manager. It's located in Carpinteria (near Santa Barbara, 90 miles north of LA). My last day here is 10/30, first day there is 11/5. One-way flight on 11/3.

For now Damien is staying in Seattle. The arrangement is only expected to last a year, and then I could relocate back if I choose. I get two trips to Redmond a month and I plan to make those overlap weekends. So, theoretically every other weekend I'll be in Seattle. In particular, I plan to make use of the Snoqualmie season pass I bought last spring.

Anyway, should be fun! I got an Alaska Airlines visa ($1 = 1 mile) to help compound the frequent flier mileage.

Unfortunately, by the time I get down there, it may all be completely burned.

Edit: Damien took a job with AdECN too!
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