Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Want to see my sister flip a house?

Update (9/15): It looks like the premiere is *tomorrow* at 9pm, and the 5pm 9/23 time is a repeat.

"Flip That House" @ 9pm Sat 9/17 and 12am Sun 9/18
"Flip That House" @ 5pm Sat 9/23

This is a TV episode airing at the above times, about my sister (Laura) and her friend (Emori) "flipping" (buying, remodeling, and immediately selling) a house near Austin, TX earlier this summer. I'd like to tape this. I have a VCR; the problem is that I don't have cable. This is a general request for someone who might be willing to invite Damien and me over for this time frame. In return, I'll buy takeout for the people involved, and you get to see a member of my family on TV. :)

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