Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Motorcycle class part 2, moving, etc.

I didn't pass the practical (riding) part of the motorcycle class last weekend, but I went for a retake this Sunday and passed the second time. So I should be getting the card in the mail soon and can get my endorsement after that. Which is good, because I liked doing it for its own sake, but it's also nice to think you're getting something for your money and effort.

After the retake, I dropped by Renton Motorcycles and tried sitting on a few bikes. Of the models they had out, the one that fit me the best by far was the Kawasaki Ninja 500R. Nothing else I tried let me get my feet flat on the ground with any play in the legs. I suppose if I were interested in cruisers at all I'd have more options, since they tend to have lower seat heights, but as a group they don't appeal to me much. I also wanted to check out the Ninja 250, the 500's little brother, since I'd read that they aren't necessarily just beginner bikes and since it'd be even smaller and more maneuverable, but they didn't have one at RMC (and the salesperson was adamant that I shouldn't get anything less than 500cc anyway). I'm a long way from buying, though; still haven't looked at any BMWs or used options, haven't figured out where it would be parked, worked out what my budget should be or what I'd use it for (commuting by carpool seems to work fine right now), or figured out if it's even a sane idea. It's also arguably the wrong season to buy and be getting started riding. But it's still a fun thought.

Also on the weekend, I helped tanjent with some moving, and Damien and I spent Saturday evening playing really long card games at the Alohahaus potluck / game night. It seems that playing time of turn-based games goes up dramatically with each additional player, something it seems beneficial to keep in mind going forward. Also, I find myself more and more impatient with games that require mechanics, like having to keep track of tallies with counters, or having to repeatedly shuffle and deal cards. Playing computerized board games has made me spoiled, I guess. Anyway, I brought a chickpea-and-potato stew to the potluck which seemed to turn out pretty well. I've been cooking a new recipe about once a week, and it's been fairly rewarding. More than that would probably exceed my cost-benefit ratio, so I'll try to keep up this rate for now.

Still about a month till I move, but I keep counting the remaining available weekends and not finding many. This week through next weekend is PAX and multiple out-of-town visiting people; the following weekend is labor day weekend, on which D and I might do something like camping; so that leaves one net weekend before I turn in my key. So I have already acquired some boxes, and thought I might get around to packing some books tonight, but at this point it probably won't get started till next week.
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