Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Soccer; cotton candy; Lost in Translation

On Saturday, alacrity and I played soccer as subs on trvth's team. It was great, though according to my calculations it's been 16 or 17 years since I've played soccer. It was also pretty strenuous for my current fitness level. Yesterday my whole body hurt. But that was nothing compared to today's pain. It was almost as bad as when I hiked Poo Poo Point a few weeks ago, came home and passed out. Wow, I just keep on getting reminded of what bad shape I'm in. A short jog once a week or so is no match for this kind of thing.

Today there was a station at work giving out cotton candy and sno-kones, apparently for no reason. OK, it looked like the Windows Live team sponsored it, but that's not exactly a reason. When I went over to get lunch, there were tables set up outside the cafeteria in the sun, and there was a portable music setup which the usual outdoor diners were enjoying. I got some green cotton candy. Hadn't had that in the likes of 16 or 17 years, either.

So anyway. On Sunday, D and I didn't do much, besides recuperate. I read a little more in A Deepness in the Sky (which it's starting to feel like I will never finish, since I seem to be approaching the end asymptotically). In the evening we were going to go out for dinner and a movie, but settled for frozen pizza and a Netflix DVD. We watched Lost in Translation. This movie baffled me. Where was the plot? What was the point? This movie even showed up on a recent list of "50 must-see films". I'm probably some kind of philistine.
Tags: exercise, movies, work

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