Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Raw diet experiment concluded

So I was on a 100% raw diet for about a month. But it started not to be so much a challenge as an obstacle, and after beginning to spend so much time with someone else (alacrity) who was not following the diet, I made the concession to start having cooked food on one occasion a day. But that quickly devolved into pretty much not being on anything resembling a raw diet anymore. In fact, I've been regularly going as far as cheese and alcoholic beverages this week, and currently I'm pretty content about it.


* The diet wasn't as hard to carry out as I had thought it might be. From my previous attempts, I knew basically what to do, so the most difficult part was the time cost of packing my own lunches every day, which I should be doing anyway.

* I was expecting to have some trouble digesting wheat after starting to eat grains again, since this happened in 2001 (the other time I was 100% raw for a month), but no such thing occurred. On the other hand, there were digestive issues on the raw diet. I had *really* loose stools pretty much every day, although that seemed to be the only problem. This cleared up as soon as I quit the diet. I can't explain it.

* I do have a couple of takeaways. "Lots of salads, and big ones" seems to be a good plan on any account. And I still like the green smoothies (fruit and green leafy vegetables blended together); I have been making them for breakfast some mornings, and D doesn't seem to mind them either.

* Do *not* eat raw taro.

* I'm not sure I noticed much of a difference in how good I felt as a result of the diet. I think most of the difference I did notice derived from calorie reduction, increased vegetables, and decreased carbohydrate. (Strange but true: most carbohydrate on a raw diet comes from sugar, e.g. fruit, and I couldn't handle too much of that without blood sugar instability, so my total carb intake was low.) So this is, of course, possible to emulate on a non-raw diet. But on the other hand, man, I *really* missed starch.

* I was a little alienated by a lot of the culture. Alkalinity, food combining, life-force, etc., and sometimes weirder things. It drilled home for me that a lot of the basis of avoiding all cooked food is ideological, since even though some nutrients are destroyed by heat, others can be enhanced, and there's no evidence that cooked food is inherently toxic.

So I'm glad I did it, but I'm also just as glad to move on.
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