Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Not dead yet

This week I haven't had nearly as aggressive a social schedule as usual. Instead, I've been spending a lot of time with alacrity. He's been a bad influence on me (but perhaps I have been able to return the favor.) So I have still been busy, but it's been an extra pleasant sort of busy.

Yesterday, he went "caving" near Mt. St. Helens, but since my knee is still healing I didn't go with. Instead, I had a day of solitude in which I paid bills, cleaned, wrote journal entries, and ran some errands, all badly needed activities. He got back around 8:30, and then we met up with my coworker and squash partner B. at The Vogue, a goth club in Seattle. After drinking a cherry Lambic, I got up enough courage to dance badly, and had a good time.

Slept in today and might go see V for Vendetta, but Damien is insisting that I read the graphic novel first, so I should get going on that assignment.

But first I'm going to post some of the stuff I wrote yesterday.

Oh, by the way, Damien uploaded pictures of our skiing trip on Saturday 3/25.
Tags: movies, photos, social

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