Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Ping-pong injury, etc.

Yesterday, I did some much-needed apartmentcleaning. Around 3:00, I went grocery shopping, which alacrity was friendly enough to join me for, even though he didn't need anything. I think I bought too much produce, because I didn't realize how short my week is going to be (leaving for Austin on Thursday night), but much of it will keep, like the parsley and red cabbage.

Then I made some guacamole and went to the raw potluck. I had a good time, except for the part where I pulled some kind of muscle playing ping-pong. So, I was still a little sore from playing squash last Tuesday night, and at one point I lunged for the ball, which required the hamstring/glute in my left leg to bear most of my weight in isolation for a second. The muscle said "No way I'm ready for that!" and released a large amount of pain, whereupon I fell into a heap. I got light-headed and nauseous and my vision fuzzed up for a few minutes, but a kind person helped get me to somewhere that I could lay down. I've been limping ever since, though it's getting better now. I think I need to remember to stretch more.

This morning, I called my grandmother to wish her a happy 87th birthday. My mom is in Massachusetts on business and they were having a birthday dinner at a steakhouse when I called. I haven't seen her in years, so it was nice to hear her voice.

I skipped hiking this morning due to my ping-pong injury, and am getting ready to go in to work. I also have a pretty long to-do list (should I call it a "wish list"?): email backlog, some bills to pay, 2 phone calls, and I would like to install the DVD-RW that I received yesterday to be sure that it works. I could sure use another weekend day.
Tags: family, social

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