Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Speed dating

On Thursday night, I went speed dating. There were 8 dates, each 8 minutes long, but there were more people there than dates, so I met 11 guys rather than 8, due to mingling before and after. There were a few interesting characters, but for the most part they were nice folks that I could relate to. It was a little awkward to meet so many individuals in rapid succession, but in a way it was also efficient. So, the way the system works is, everyone is identified by their first name and a number. (I used a pseudonym.) During the event, you mark down the names of people you want to meet again, and for what purpose (friendship, a second date, or business). Afterwards, you log in to the website and enter your choices. Whenever two people enter each other for the same purpose, they are forwarded each other's contact information. I marked down 6 people as potential friends and one as a second date; my matches at this point are 3 of those people for friendships, plus the person I was interested in for a second date (yay!). So, I'd say it was a worthwhile activity, though I probably won't do it again for a while, if ever.
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