Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Action-packed week continues

I ache very badly today from playing squash the other night. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, because I bought a racquet and some balls and eye gear. It looks like my coworker and I may start playing regularly on Tuesday nights.

Yesterday I spent much of the workday at TechFest, an internal Microsoft expo event. Simultaneouly, I met someone from OkCupid who also works at Microsoft, alacrity. We lunched together and checked out the demos. I'm pleased about meeting him because he seems pretty kindred, though he lives in Seattle as opposed to the east side. I wonder how long before I give in and move to the city? The event put me further behind in work than I expected (I had planned fewer hours than usual yesterday, but that was still optimistic). But I've been doing so much playing in the evenings this week that I think it might be fair to come in on the weekend.

Went over the bridge to Belltown last night and met up with another person from OkCupid. We talked for a couple of hours over tea at Uptown Espresso. I liked him, but there were no sparks that I could detect. He was also a bit younger (26 vs 29). I got home late and slept late.

Made a smoothie this morning with my new blender. It rules. Today's concoction was banana, blueberries, pulverized cocoa nibs (aka raw chocolate), almond butter, ground flax seeds, and some agave nectar.
Tags: food, social, squash, work

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