Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Win32; blender; gym socialness

Last night I went by Barnes & Noble to try to find a book on Win32 programming, which I am about to start doing for the first time. The only thing I could find was an enormous hardcover that cost $75. I punted on that and spent half an hour reading another book that looked interesting instead, How to Build a Mind.

Today I met up with someone from the raw potluck group and bought his K-Tec Total Blender. He had ordered a black one and they sent him a white one by mistake, so he offered the unwanted white one for sale on the potluck mailing list at a pretty good discount. Now I can grind flax seeds to powder! Hooray!

I had my Mid-Year Career Discussion this afternoon. It went well -- I got a lot of feedback, much of it positive.

After work, I met an ex-coworker who was in town for a Microsoft interview loop. I learned about this when he happened to walk by my office and said hello, so I gave him my cell number. We had dinner at the ProClub (our gym, which has a pretty nice restaurant) and caught each other up. Then I changed clothes and met a (current) coworker for a few games of squash. I hadn't played since high school (I count 13, maybe 14 years), but it came back a little and I had a lot of fun. I wound up sliding on my knees a few times to try to reach the ball, which put holes in both knees of my leggings. Maybe this means I should get shorts.
Tags: books, material things, social, squash, work
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