Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Food Lfeline; flax crackers; overbooked

Last night (Friday), I watched X-Men 2 with Alex at his place, where the experience was enhanced by his home theater setup and a real fire in the fireplace.

This morning I participated in a community service event with Dharma Sound Zen Center. About 12 people met at Food Lifeline, where we packed huge industrial tubs of bread and frozen wax beans into pallets of banana boxes, so that they could be distributed to food banks. As part of the experience, the volunteer coordinator explained to us how Food Lifeline works, how prevalent hunger is in Western Washington, what kinds of people are hungry, etc. We also got a tour of their warehouse before getting down to work. The activity itself was fun; we chatted while scooping beans into 3-lb plastic bags, periodically refilling our individual tubs from the big box in the middle of the room. The warehouse was sort of cold, but we had our coats on under our aprons, plus being active made the temperature tolerable. At the end, the volunteer coordinator told us that we'd packed 1492 pounds of frozen wax beans.

In the afternoon, tanjent and I hung out. First, he helped me move my couch out of my office and back into my apartment. Then, we tried to make flax seed crackers with some flax seeds he had but hadn't known what to do with, but they didn't finish dehydrating, and he took them home half baked. (They were tasty though.) We also watched the pilot of Six Feet Under, which he liked, so maybe he'll help motivate me to watch the rest of the series so that I can finally give the discs back to kenoubi.

This evening I had been invited to two social events, with pauldf and krow, and I missed the first one due to watching SFU, but I was thinking of attending the second. However, I'm feeling socially overbooked since tomorrow I've arranged to go grocery shopping with Eric & Silvia, and having the two evenings this weekend to work on reading and incubation seems about right. Hmm, and maybe a hot soak.
Tags: movies, social

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