Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Speed dating fail; raw stuff; wrong drive

The speed dating thing didn't work out. Their waitlist was apparently too long, and they didn't give their decision until yesterday. Oh well, I don't mind having the evening back. It's on my to-do list to sign up for another one.

Did the 20 minute continuous run this morning. This was sort of a milestone. It wasn't as hard as I thought, but I already have lots of ache and it's not supposed to set in until 2 days later. :)

Been experimenting with raw food lately. I first started sprouting things so I could 'cook' for the Raw Seattle potluck a few weeks ago, but after that I kept sprouting things, so I've had to do something with the results. On the weekend, I made a sun-dried tomato sauce that was really good over 2-day mung bean sprouts. Last night I made flax seed crackers (which I'm a veteran at), but I added some garlic and onion and they came out SO GOOD. I ate like half of them immediately. This morning's post-workout refreshment is guacamole with sliced carrots and more mung bean sprouts mixed in, which I'm using as filling for unroasted nori handrolls. This is also incredibly good.


I realized I've been out of touch with a lot of friends last night when I signed on to AIM and lots of people buzzed me to say hi. This made me realize that being too withdrawn lately is a gap I'd like to address. Part of this was, I think, driven by hyperfocus on work, and since I've started to become a lot more comfortable about my job in the last week or two, I've started to get my bearings and notice this imbalance. It would also help if pretty soon the sleep experiments stopped requiring so much of an investment of attention, and started actually paying off timewise, but every now and then this point looks closer and closer.

I'm also a little excited about the idea of traveling. There's the weekend trip to Austin coming up in March, and last night over AIM liebevil suggested the remote possibility of a road trip to SF and possibly LA sometime in August! Well, stuff to daydream about.


The CD-R problem I was having with my linux box turned out to be a problem BECAUSE MY DRIVE IS NOT A CD-R. *facepalm* *buys new drive*

While I'm at it, should I buy this LCD monitor? I am so very tempted.
Tags: computers, food, introspection, running, social, travel
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