Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Misc weekend

  • On Friday night, tanjent and I went up to Lynnwood and saw The New World. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was still surprised. According to Wikipedia, the movie partook of a tradition of "mythmaking" surrounding the Pocahontas historical figure, about whom we don't know very much. But even knowing it was made up, I found the movie to be terribly sad, if beautiful and absorbing. So, I mulled it over and remained sort of distant while Austin and I drove back through Seattle and stopped by a little place called Shinka Tea in the U District (got some really good Rooibos bubble tea with soy). Dropped him off at home and got to bed by 1.
  • On Saturday, I rushed to get all of the following in: a run (for marathon training), booking a flight to Austin in March, a little work (only managed to get in about 1/2 an hour), dropping by Larry's market and Fred Meyer, preparing some food. I needed the food for a raw vegan potluck I attended in the evening. It was very fun -- I was there from 6 PM to almost 1 AM, talked to many interesting people, played ping-pong, viewed a Koi pond, etc.
  • After about 6 hours of sleep, went hiking this morning in Bellevue with candid and three other nice folks. Then we went out for a delicious but enormous breakfast at this place called Pancake Corral. Then I came home and passed out for a couple of hours, making achaosofkittens (who was recently arrived in town and whom I'd planned to get together with) wait for me to return to minimal levels of restedness.
  • As you might have guessed from the above, I've become very sloppy about taking polyphasic naps. As a result I've noticed that polyphasic sleep doesn't, well, work if you don't, which of course makes trying to go to bed late and wake up at 5:30 AM not very sustainable.
  • Can't believe it's Sunday evening already.
  • Rushing to meet achaosofkittens now for dinner and perhaps a DVD.
Tags: hiking, running, social

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