Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Pics from SF trip; Austin food; Philip Glass

I set up text message reminders on my web calendar. Had to hack it up a bit.

Ironically, got a call from a recruiter today for a .NET job in Sarasota.

aaangyl has uploaded some nice pictures from March! Check out monkey587 and me here, and just me here. There will be more, she says.

My dad dragged me to the flagship Whole Foods in downtown Austin. It was enormous. They had a separate aisle or kiosk for everything, including loose tea, fresh pasta, and chocolate. Their bulk section was impressive.

Speaking of food, things are consistently spicy here. What would have been mild salsa served in the north is fairly hot here. I'm starting to get used to it, and also to develop a taste for the poblano-peppery sauces. Still have to try breakfast tacos, which are advertised all over the place.

kenoubi's father told me a joke about Philip Glass: "Did you hear the one about Philip Glass? It just goes around and around..." I'm not that familiar with Glass's work, but last week I heard track 5 of this CD playing on the radio and was so intrigued I wrote down the date and time so I could look it up on the radio station's website. It's like sophisticated, drum-free techno. But more than that, it carries emotion, because it seems to emulate the graceful and repetitive patterns of nature. What's interesting is that I don't seem to abstract out, listening to it -- "oh, I've heard that phrase before, I'll let my attention skim until something new plays." Maybe that's a vital attribute of art: to be immersive, to capture full attention in the here and now. This music, in particular, makes me notice that this measure may be similar to the last one in pattern, but it has never been expressed just at that moment before, and never will be again.
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