Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

New Orleans; First few days in Austin

Been not feeling so hot for the last few days. Tired, headachey, at times dizzy. This seems an extension of the general detachedness and sort of numbness I've had for a couple of weeks. I'm allowing extra sleep, hoping it will get better.

I drove for 10 hours on Friday, getting in to New Orleans in the early hours of Saturday morning. Crashed with my brother and his roommate Jason (liquidfilth). Spent Saturday in New Orleans, wandering around the French Quarter with Jason (boiled crawfish with red beans and rice; Gargoyle's and Hustler Hollywood, where he works; more buskers per capita than I've ever seen; a wedding parade). Visited my brother, Tom, at his work, an antique store. That night, played 4-player WarioWare with Jason, Tom, and Jason's girlfriend Shannon, and finished On Bullshit.

Next morning, drove to Austin, 8 hour drive stretching to 10 when a major thunderstorm and related traffic issues occurred around Houston. Then the time between Sunday night when I arrived at my parents' house and now seems somewhat a blur. The night I arrived, I got the grand tour (my parents' house is beautiful, and almost sort of strangely upscale, but the layout rocks and my room couldn't be better). That night, Luke and Shaun from PC Torque invited me to see Hitchhiker's Guide at the Alamo Drafthouse theater (where you can order food and drinks from your seats and they scurry in and deliver them during the movie!) and I managed to rally for it. Monday, visited my sister and her kids. That evening, in celebration of my dad's birthday, my parents and I went out to dinner and another movie (Kingdom of Heaven -- my dad is a sucker for anything related to Catholicism, e.g. the Crusades -- decent movie though). Tuesday, my dad and I went shopping and cooked dinner. Today, I searched up apartments for kenoubi and in the evening, my dad and I attended a lecture on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (his interest, not mine, though the lecture was moderately interesting). In between, I have been doing things like obtaining and hanging a shower curtain in my bathroom, messily unboxing books so the empty boxes could be put out for trash collection, helping my dad haul things, and trying to set up the network (my dad is set against running any wires [and it's his house, so that's fine], but wireless reception of the 1st floor access point in my ground floor room is badly impeded by the granite shelf the house is built on -- we found a solution though, SpeedStream PowerLine products).

Tomorrow I shall drive up to Dallas to view apartments for kenoubi, possibly staying overnight if I need to. Here's where our still having a joint checking account and credit card comes in handy -- I can write a security deposit check for him and charge my expenses to him directly. After getting back from that, I may be able to start on what has been waiting in limbo -- summer projects, exploring the area, getting in touch with some local LJ folks, and taming the chaos that has become my room.
Tags: family, movies, new orleans, social, travel

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