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Car, whether to go to Pittsburgh, relaxing to stay sane

Picked my car up at the dealership after work. They had tried to wash it, and had gotten it clean, but mostly, water droplets had frozen onto the paint and this gave it a look like it had just been splashed. They also apparently lost one of my license plates. However, they seem to have done a good job. The brake rotors were replaced and now it stops on a dime! They also fixed the fuel gauge, touched up rust spots, adjusted the belts, and replaced the hood cable. I was amazed to learn that the clunky loaner Legacy I had driven was only 2 years older than my Outback (a '93 vs. a '95). What a difference.

Agonizing over whether to go to Pittsburgh this weekend. The E-Saver came up, but should I go for it when I have been through a lot of stress lately, it costs $$, and I can't pawn off pager duty this weekend so I might have to answer a work crisis while away? But... joint birthday celebration with anukul and other far-away friends might be just the thing to cheer me up.

Working tonight, as usual. I hope this time I can get things to be OK so that I can go to bed before 2 AM. I am also hoping to squeeze in a hot bath, a cup of tea, and a few pages of Dune or Foucalt's Pendulum for mental health reasons. (Does anyone ever read two novels at once? Isn't it hard to keep both threads without reading from each every day?)
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