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apotheon knows when childhood ends.

While I was gone, PC Torque found a company to redo their entire sales site from scratch, in 5 weeks. This means that soon they won't be leaning on what I wrote (2+ years ago) anymore. I am a little wistful about this, but mostly (a) happy for their progress and (b) glad that someone else will be able to maintain it.

The Food Basis of Society -- angelbob pointed me to this. Interesting observations about the growth of civilization and culture and their relationship to the agricultural practices of the society, even observations about the status of women. (rinku and zorbathut, you may be into the entire site, as the target for this information is game designers.)

angelbob also exposed me to the amazing poetry of Daphne Gottlieb (who is... huh, postmaudlin?) and the anagrams of Mike Keith (very insane).

benraia recommended a movie to me, I think this one: "What the [bleep] do we know?" or "We don't know [bleep] about life". All I currently know about it except Ben's recommendation is what is conveyed by this and this post by kaidevis. Plus I saw it on the counter at Gateways the other day. I'm interested enough to go out and hunt it down now, I think (but I hope it doesn't turn out to be as much as a letdown as Koyaanisqatsi, which did, to be fair, have an excellent soundtrack.)

There, I think I got most of the urgently pressing ideas out of my head. Since I don't know how soon I'll be ready to post a recap of the trip and the pictures I took, I'll mention here: Hi! I was off in San Francisco for six days. I saw many people I've missed, and met many more new and interesting people, among them ravenslost*, rightkindofme, fromagecity, aaangyl *, zunger, zorbathut, and chronicfreetime. And my plague is almost gone, seems like I'm hacking up the worst of it now. Rock. Much email to send, cleaning to accomplish, off I go.

* Had known from online, but never met in person.
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