Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

People's ages.

I feel like some people were basically born to be a certain age. My sister has always been about 30, I think -- she obviously had a childhood, and a teenage period of dressing like a skater chick, but she seemed "comfortable" when she eventually settled down into an adult style of dressing and acting. Right after she got married but before she had children, she had a stint as a real estate agent, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to her to be among an office full of middle-aged women; she knew and shared all their mannerisms. And ever since we were both little girls she's known she wanted to grow up and have a family. I never knew that for sure -- in fact, when I was young, I was sure I would never get married.

I could tell similar stories about other family members and people I know. My brother is perpetually about 8. My mom has always been about 40, that I can remember -- when she was little she used to be protective of her younger sister, and even followed her to the principal's office once when her sister got in trouble for something; and my entire life, she's periodically had these mid-life-crisis like periods and needed to reinvent herself, which I think is also stereotypically ~40 behavior. My childhood friend Lucie I would probably put at about 22. I saw her a few years ago when my sister got married -- she was visiting Plymouth from I guess Virginia -- and she was still the same. She had a new tattoo and still wore nice artfully applied makeup, but hadn't really found a career yet. Someone I met in Florida, Mike, is self-employed selling martial arts weapons on the Internet, and he says he has always found making a living and taking care of responsibilities easy -- started working when he was 15. I would guess that even then, he acted his age of 35-ish.

Me, I think I'm always going to be about 16.
Tags: family, introspection, personality
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