Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Vampire sleep schedule, cold blooded, storms

Oh. Three other random snippets of current life.

I am on a vampire sleep schedule. Bedtime = 3 AM, wake time = 11 AM. This isn't so bad for working with someone on the west coast, but it still needs fixing. It's just hard to want to stop working and initiate a shutdown when you are at your most productive.

The air conditioning has been broken here, but I have actually been more comfortable than usual. Today, the air conditioning unit is off because a freon leak is being fixed, but I am still wearing a fleece. I appear to be cold blooded. I think I am not cut out to live in a locality where everything is constantly air conditioned. Either that, or I should start exercising.

It has been storming lately, thundering and raining heavily. I have really enjoyed it.

Today's random words: "nonobservance" ; "disindividualize"
Tags: stuff i did
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