Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Early childhood: "Ladybug" and color order

My family had a ColecoVision before an atari, I think. My main memory of it is that we had this Pac Man-like game, Ladybug, that for some reason my mother started playing, and she got to be supernaturally good at it. She would sit and play up to like level 130. But then, she's the obsessive type, and has had many phases like that, such as jigsaw puzzles, writing novels, etc. This was probably 20+ years ago, and what's odd is that I've never known her to play another video game, before or since.

When I was young I got the spectrum "wrong," because I ordered the colors in what looked to me like "light to dark". So I arranged them as yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple. In first or second grade I learned that they really went red, orange, yellow, green, etc., and I could understand why, but it looked funny to me and sometimes I still unconsciously arrange them the other way.

Tags: autobiography, family, games

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