July 2nd, 2006


Weekend of productivity!

* Went clothes shopping at Title 9 Sports and Express
* Cleaned, organized, vacuumed, and put away laundry
* Paid bills and rent; reported maintenance issues
* Tried to return some shoes to Zappos, but the UPS store closed early (d'oh)
* Read most of jonwa's book, "Head First Design Patterns"
* Had brunch with jonwa and returned his Design Patterns book
* Caught up on sleep
* Repainted a mirror frame (gold antique)
* Put out more ads for the SD tickets we need to sell
* Went for a run -- 45 minutes @ 4.8 mph average, 150 bpm heart rate -- not bad!
* Went to a special Hoover store to get hard-to-find vacuum belts
* Logged in remotely and did a little work
* Burned a few audiobooks to CD and put away music CDs which were still in visors from last road trip
* Fixed a disk space problem on my linux box
* Decided on a digital camera to get: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1 (black)

We also wanted to get haircuts before the trip on Tuesday, but Damien wasn't done with the Intern Game beta until 9 PM today, so maybe tomorrow.