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Weird comment about GNU as a communist plot

"The first bombshell to hit my project was that my client found out from another consultant that the GNU community has close ties to former communist leaders. Furthermore, he found out that the ‘x’ in Linux was a tribute to the former Communist philosopher, Carl Marx, whose name also ends in ‘x’. [...]"

[Edit] The comments are funny too: "...the machine crashed with a kernel oops stating: "kapitalist software intrusion detected, calling marx panic handler to defeat MS worm" and the machine wouldn't boot ever since. I don't work at that unfortunate 500 company anymore, hell , the whole company doesn't exist anymore , I think they had to remove all ms-software from the building , before their linux servers wanted to boot again , by that time they had to file for bankruptcy. Sometimes I meet my former boss on the street and when he sees me he gets that strange wild gleamy look in his eyes, must be the communists he hates so much. "

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