Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Moving. Upheaval. Computers.

This morning it rained. I went out and drove in the rain to mail something and drop by the grocery store, before the car shippers came to take my car away. Moving is in full effect. Our house has been swarming with landscapers outside and packers inside. The assault of smells has been constant: fresh mulch, dust, packing tape glue. The rugs are up, and all the rooms look bigger and more elegant with the bare glossy wood floors.

All day today I worked on hosting foo. Found a pretty good hosting provider, http://www.yourhostdirect.com/, from an ad they posted on http://www.webhostingtalk.com/. So far I have set up a VPS with 5 IPs and a shared account with them, and from the start they have been very responsive to all of my technical problems; professional, quick to respond, and always helpful even when I have made naive mistakes. And their prices are pretty good too. Can't wait to see how their bandwidth and reliability pan out. Waiting for domain name transfer now. Waiting... waiting.

Soon we will lose net. I downloaded a couple of articles onto my PowerBook to read on the train and stuff, and I'll probably bring a few books too. Looking forward to the downtime.

Oh yeah, speaking of PowerBooks... check out the upcoming new Sager model. (they're discussing it here.) Remind you of something? Yum, I could deal with one of these. The hardest part of that decision will be what OS to run...
Tags: computers, work

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