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Sarasota Fruit & Nut Society; Semester's over; Hacker's Diet; Whole Foods

Tonight my dad took me out to another gala food-related event. This time, it was the annual potluck/buffet of the Sarasota Fruit & Nut Society. (That name cracks me up every time I hear it.) There were maybe 50 or 75 people, mostly older, all of whom are into growing exotic tropical fruit plants. The potluck was appropriately diverse, including things like pickled starfruit, smoked salmon, and "rice plus", and I even got to sample some ice cream made from [a fruit I can't remember the name of] and cinnamon. My dad brought along two bottles of Cabernet Franc that he had made in Massachusetts, and everyone at our table sampled it (including me, making me a little buzzed).

Spent all day on campus handing in and taking care of loose ends. Now I am done with the semester, although it doesn't feel like it yet. Talked to the prof teaching Modal Logic in the spring, and he all but convinced me to take that instead of Phenomenology & Existentialism. The part that gave me pause, though, was when I asked him what modal logic is useful for. Apparently it can be helpful in understanding/expressing counterfactuals (what-if scenarios), but except for that I mostly got the impression that the subject is considered, um, intrinsically interesting.

Just finished using psbook and psnup to make a pdf document into a booklet. It is the print version of The Hacker's Diet, which I want to have printed and bound at a Kinko's as a Christmas present for my brother.

A Whole Foods opened in Sarasota today. My dad and sister went, and they report that it is huge and impressive.
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