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As the current semester finishes up, I seem to have a distinct preference regarding the subject matter of my two classes. The analytic stuff (currently, Wittgenstein) so far has me fascinated, whereas, I find much of the ethics (currently, Utilitarianism) to be fluffy, pedantic, and uninteresting. This surprises me since I had originally assumed that value theory was going to be my interest area. Granted, I made that assumption from reverse engineering like: “I’m interested in IP theory and politics, so I must be interested in law and political science, so I must be interested in value theory and the human good in general.” But actually, and in a certain light this is no surprise, the language topics grab me far more. The others seem more like, just, important things that everyone’s interested in to a greater or lesser extent, but, and I suppose here’s the difference, the law and ethics and politics strike me as things to take care of and once they’re settled, move on to something that is actually intrinsically interesting. That is probably an indication that it is not something I am particularly motivated to study. And while it makes sense to devote a certain amount of attention to it, as long as I’m pursuing a ridiculous goal anyway, I suppose I shouldn't compromise.
Tags: academic, philosophy, telos
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