Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Interest profiler, and recent thoughts about what I should be when I grow up

Found an Interest Profiler on a career information website and this evil thing has kept me up almost two hours past my bedtime. Bad website.

Screenshot of my interest profile results. It says I am "Investigative" and "Social." By contrast, their site says the job of Computer Programmer is "Conventional," "Investigative," and "Realistic." Aha. Hmm, and I guess if you tack "Enterprising" onto that, you get an even less good fit, don't you? ... Here is their list of suggested careers which are "investigative" and "social". If you pass over the ones which spill into interest categories that don't work for me (Conventional, Realistic and Enterprising) then the standout ideas appear to be teaching type jobs, social research, and psychology/counseling.

I have been thinking of following stephtoth's example and seeing if Florida allows you to work as a substitute teacher without a teaching certificate. It might be a way to make a bit of money and gain some useful experience.

Meanwhile, the deadline for applications to a USF grad program which would begin in the spring is drawing awfully close, while my 2 classes have only just announced the first writing assignments (I was kinda waiting for that to happen before making a move, to have a chance to get a clearer sense of whether I'd enjoy this philosophy thing for-real when I actually had a chance to do some, but I didn't expect writing assignments to start to happen so late in the semester). To deal with this uncertainty, I've emailed the grad program director and asked if it would be possible to speak to an advisor about it. But maybe it would be better to have to wait a semester (or a year) anyway, to see if I shouldn't go into psychology instead of philosophy (or sociology, or anthropology, or library science, or basketweaving...) - or maybe if I'd want to just say screw all these fancy academics and do straight up teaching instead. Or maybe (that interests questionnaire put all kinds of funny ideas in my head) I should apprentice as a landscaper for a while, and then work at a fish hatchery, and then try real estate, and then...
Tags: academic, personality, self-improvement, telos

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