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Spiritual Humanism

A while ago, I became a web-ordained minister of Spiritual Humanism at http://www.spiritualhumanism.org/. Since then, I've been getting occasional newsletters from the website with news items and such.

I have come to love getting these newsletters because they are so no-nonsense that they seem almost silly, yet they appear to be serious. "Spiritual Humanism" initially seemed like another cute invented religion, but via its newsletters, whoever is behind it has gradually been working on my idea of religion by suggesting that you don't have to be credulous or sanctimonious to still have an interest in such things as reverence and meaning.

The most recent newsletter includes a howto on making holy water.
Dear sir or ma'am,
I was recently ordained to be a reverend and I was wondering how it is that one blesses water to make it holy? I would be very appreciative to know the answer.
sincerely, Dru


Water rites have long been associated with various religious traditions. Since many rituals can have their religious impact enhanced by the use of water, Spiritual Humanism has a procedure for the consecration and storage of ritual water

-Use only water from a special source, such as from a source of spiritual significance.
-The water should be consecrated in a spiritual inspiring place.
-The water should be stored in a special ritual container used only for this purpose.
-The ceremony should take place at religiously significant time. Equinox and solstice are ideal, the day of the full moon is also acceptable. It should take place at sunrise, sunset, or the rise of the full moon.
-The ceremony will be more powerful if performed with incense, and a candle lighting ceremony, followed by meditation or chanting then finally an invocation.

Invocation for the Consecration of Ritual Water

Water, fluid of life. Within the abundance of this liquid billions of years ago the first living organisms, our ancestry, formed and started the process of life which we continue here, and pass along to the future.

The ancient oceans, where simple life forms thrived, reproduced, and evolved. Our distant ancestors left the teeming seas still they depended on water for their existence, to survive, and to flourish.

Like those we evolved from we depend on water to live and thrive, and ultimately for all the joys life has to offer.

We consecrate this water before us, recognize its purity, and recognize its importance in the process of life.
How cool is that? Holiness made easy.
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