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I just heard something inspiring on TV

Fox News was on as I walked by (I know, I know -- my parents watch it), and I heard the end of this:

...People who deal with so much less complain so much more. I wish I could show them Emma. As much to shut them up as to hold her up.

Over the years I've seen her at physical therapy, her body has decayed but her heart has soared.

She offers me this advice: "Neil, stay away from complainers. They'll make you start complaining too."

"But wouldn't that be rude?" I ask.

No, she says. "It would be ruder to have them think you were interested in anything they had to say in the first place."

Leave it to a woman nearly blind, to see things so clearly. We're so focused on the bad when things are actually good. It's nice to see someone who appreciates the good when things are really bad.

I was going to reconstruct it from memory, but the Fox News website posted today's show *minutes* after it aired. I looked in the archive and the latest was the show from the 9th; I hit Refresh and today's show appeared, poof.

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