Ratha (papertygre) wrote,

Mission accomplished

Friday. Wake up. Get in car. Drive 500 miles. Meet ixiel at his house in Saratoga Springs, NY (like, actually meet him for the first time). Drive with him an hour south to Catskill. kenoubi calls while I am driving and apologizes for calling but says he was worried because my computer has been idle all day. Make up a story about having been out on errands for 9 hours. Answer client call while still driving - email down. 6:30pm, arrive and park. Find Kenn's house. Approach house and knock. Kenn answers door. Kenn undergoes mild shock upon realizing I am standing there. Say "happy birthday." Meet Kenn's family. Be fed spinach casserole by Kenn's grandmother. Give gifts and cake. Talk with Charlie and Kenn for a few hours. Feel effects of massive week-long sleep deprivation. Get permission to crash there. Wish Charlie good night. Fail to do much catching up on sleep.

Saturday. Answer email and try to fix bug in client website. Go to diner with Kenn for omelet and chocolate chip pancakes. Come back and look at bug again. Kenn points out problem. Fix bug. 2pm, get belongings together. Delay departure by petting cats and taking pictures of us together using timer on camera. Drive home 500 miles in reverie (mixed valence: happy and sad, hopeful and apprehensive). Stop at two rest stops and take short naps, consume large amounts of caffeine and sugar. Arrive home at 2 am, post to LiveJournal, get things together for Florida trip, nap again, be ready for bus to airport at 7 am on Sunday.

Feel exhausted but happy and satisfied.

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