Ratha (papertygre) wrote,


After getting back from a walk in the beautiful warm weather a half hour ago, I made a cup of espresso over ice with my Mr. Coffee espresso machine. Recently I endured a 3-day headache in an effort to clear my system of caffeine, but today it called to me and I was weak. It was so worth it. Iced coffee has to be one of the greatest things there is.

So I dig my hair in burgundy, but I am less thrilled with the cut as it's growing out. I liked it when it was ultra-short (so short that I had to gel down the cowlick area or else it would stick straight up), but I also might like it to re-grow it long enough to tie back again instead. If so, I was a moron for cutting it short two months ago because it was practically there.
Tags: appearance, caffeine
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