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Inspired by a post by atziluth.

On intelligence:

This is something I have been wondering about. Does intelligence make a person inherently more vulnerable to memetic onslaught? Intelligence seems to me to be a kind of sensitivity, if only because the opposite of intelligence is the condition of being slow to catch on. And other kinds of sensitivity usually create vulnerability, such that the sensitive apparatus in question can be overwhelmed or even harmed or destroyed when exposed to improper stimulus.

So I wonder if intelligence could be as much a disadvantage as an advantage: if having more intelligence makes you unable to resist absorbing even potentially harmful ideas when exposed to them. Or if it causes you to 'learn' things prematurely, from too few data points, like the rats in the learned helplessness experiments. I guess I'm unsure because it seems to me that a sufficiently superior intelligence (whatever that would be like) must have some kind of defense against suffering from problems like these.
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